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Are you suffering from a drug induced nutrient depletion as a result of a cholesterol medication? Maybe you're just looking to improve your overall health? In any case, Solutions Rx Restore provides effective results with just two tablets a day.

Pharmacist formulated for advanced results

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You'll be happy to know that Solutions Rx Restore is designed to exceed the recommended daily allowance of certain vitamins. This delivers the maximum benefit to the patient.


The recommended daily allowance is defined as the smallest amount of a vitamin required by the human body to avoid disease. Whether a nutrient is being depleted by a prescription drug or not is not taken into consideration.

Keep yourself healthy

We believe that the recommended daily allowance of vitamins for patients suffering with diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension is much too low.


As a result, Solutions Rx has created a multi-vitamin and enzyme combination that replaces the most essential vitamins that specific prescription drugs and diseases take away from the body.

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When you're looking for high-quality supplements, choose Solutions Rx for optimal products. Solutions Rx is dedicated to quality, your health, and overall satisfaction.

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Solutions Rx is an innovative new company created by the area's finest pharmacists and health care providers with the goal of offering customers, retailers, and pharmacists with the most effective solutions to optimizing the health of the human body.

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